HOERBIGER supplies key components for ventilators

"Our valves are key components for ventilators," says Managing Director Philipp Baldermann of HOERBIGER Flow Control. The piezo valves developed and manufactured by HOERBIGER are unique worldwide: they are used when extreme speed with the highest precision is required for pneumatic controls and standard technologies are no longer sufficient – such as in the field of medical ventilation.

In the last weeks and months, HOERBIGER has seen a global increase in demand for components of medical ventilators. We are working day and night to deliver these critical components. In that way, HOERBIGER helps ease the supply of medical ventilators in Europe and across the world.

HOERBIGER apprentices manufacture protective panels for doctors´ offices

In the HOERBIGER Apprentice Workshop, our trainees are currently constructing protective walls for doctors´ offices from individual frame elements and shatter-proof plastic panes. 23 medical practices in the Weilheim-Schongau region will be equipped with the partition walls free of charge. With this campaign, we would like to thank the many doctors and nurses for their important contribution to health care.

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Thank you!

The past few weeks have been filled with extraordinary changes for all of us, and have brought extraordinary efforts. In this challenging time, I would like to express my appreciation to my colleagues at HOERBIGER: You have all made a significant contribution to our ability as a company to deliver a successful response to the crisis. You have been there for our customers under sometimes difficult circumstances, and you have kept our operations running. THANK YOU, and stay healthy!

Juergen Zeschky,
CEO & Chairman of the Executive Board

Remote working - the key to success in the crisis

Throughout the HOERBIGER Group, Remote Working has been a lived practice for weeks. Our customers have also benefited from this. HOERBIGER can deliver. In a tour de force, HOERBIGER IT succeeded in providing thousands of employees with external access to the corporate network. Today, up to 4,000 employees connect to the HOERBIGER network daily from outside their workplace. They ensure that business-critical functions such as sales, finance, procurement, but also design and engineering, are available to customers without restriction even in the crisis. And all this in compliance with the highest security standards. "We have designed the systems so that customer and employee data are protected at all times," says Thomas Kriechbaum, CPO of HOERBIGER.

Our response to the Corona crisis

HOERBIGER takes the coronavirus very seriously and already has defined preventive rules of conduct applicable throughout the Group. The health and safety of our employees is our top priority.

We have drawn up emergency plans for the different types of locations we have in our company. The goal in all cases is to keep the impact on business operations as low as possible.

We also take our customer service and manufacturing responsibilities very seriously, and are maintaining our global production and service center operations as normally as possible. We have taken measures to protect our people and customers, and to make sure we’re able to fulfill our customers’ needs. We are currently open for business around the world, and are here to support you.

Heat test

HOERBIGER Elektronik GmbH

New vehicle electronics enhance comfort and improve protection. Cameras, for example, can replace exterior rearview mirrors and help solve blind spot issues, the cause of a large number of accidents during turning – which often carry serious consequences.

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HOERBIGER acquires majority of RAGSOL GmbH

Zug, Switzerland – effective January 31, 2020, the HOERBIGER Group has acquired the majority stake of the Austrian oil and gas solutions provider RAGSOL GmbH, previously belonging to RAG Austria AG. RAGSOL provides comprehensive solutions and unique products for mature oil and gas fields with the goal of producing oil and gas more efficiently, at lower cost, and environmentally friendly.

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