Did you know that…


…wind turbines produce clean power thanks to HOERBIGER?

For optimum efficiency, wind turbines need to operate at a near constant speed of approximately 20 rpm regardless of the prevailing wind velocity. To achieve this, the angle of attack (pitch) of the turbine blades requires continuous adjustment either through a hydraulic system for hydraulic pitch control wind turbines or through an electrical system for electric pitch control wind turbines. In the former case, rotary unions deliver high-pressure hydraulic fluid and in the latter case electrical slip rings deliver electrical power from the body (nacelle) of the wind turbine into the rotating blade assembly. Hydraulic pitch control and electric pitch control are equally prevalent, and each system has its own merits. Rotary unions and slip rings are the heart of the wind turbine that make possible, conversion of wind energy into useable electrical power. The Rotary Business Unit of HOERBIGER offers solutions for both systems.