Hydrogen Mobility Compressor Package

Hydrogen Compressor Package

Cost-efficient compressor package solution

  • Turnkey solution with a footprint of < 30 m² (without cooling)
  • Vertical piston compressor
  • 250 - 300 kg/h Mass flow
  • 10 ... 100 % ( 25 - 300 kg/h) Volume control, made possible by HOERBIGER's eHydroCOM Stepless Capacity Control System
  • 15 - 295 bar suction pressure
  • 50 - 500 bar discharge pressure
  • 430 kW compressor capacity
  • Maximum flexibility with a standardized solution allows the use in applications for
    • Trailer filling
    • Hydrogen mobility for final pressures up to 500 bar
    • Direct filling of hydrogen vehicles with up to 500 bar
    • The filling of hydrogen storage tanks of any kind
    • The combination with booster compressors for compressions from 500 bar to 900 bar

Benefits at a glance


Able to use all possible H2 sources and supply all vehicle needs with eHydroCOM

Flexible application options
Unbeaten TCO

Unbeaten TCO

Best catch in the market: best answer to the tough cost targets for H2.

  • ARIEL - cost leader
  • Package standardization
  • Optimized for
    • CAPEX
    • OPEX

"Growing" system

Grows with the demand: eHydroCOM enables large operation range (10% - 100%)

You can run initially low station need with same equipment as in full load.

Illustration of an eHydroCOM
Icon for reliability


Service intervals for the Pre-Serial Units superior to existing technology (>2.000 hrs) and reach 4.000 hrs already at market release in Q1/2025.

Components used