H2 injection

H2 injection

HOERBIGER is the technology and innovation leader for H2 injectors for mobile and stationary applications and as such paves the way for the green energy transition.

The expert for H2 injection

Since 1895, we have been committed to providing our customers with excellent products and solutions. Today, HOERBIGER sets the standard for H2 injectors, thanks to decades of experience in gaseous fuel injection. The early entry into the research of H2 solutions more than 20 years ago, enables us already today to fully support our customers on the way to the green energy transition and to supply H2 injectors.

HOERBIGER Wasserstoff Injektor H2
sketch for Mobility Wasserstoff Injektor H2
On the journey to green mobility

For the automotive sector, HOERBIGER offers H2 injectors for mid and heavy duty combustion engines, both for on-road and off-road applications. The modular design allows the H2 flow rate to be adapted to your specific needs.

  • Port-fuel injection (H2PFI)
  • Direct Injection (H2DI)
Sketch for power generation hydrogen injector H2
For self-sufficient power generation

For power generation and other stationary applications with combustion engines, HOERBIGER offers H2 injectors for reliable and sustainable operation.

  • Port-fuel injection (H2PFI)
  • Direct injection (H2DI)
  • Pre-chamber injection (H2ePCC)
sketch with cruiseship for the marine sector
Green shipping ahead!

HOERBIGER offers H2 injectors for challenging applications in the marine sector . Our solutions meet all corresponding requirements.

  • Port-fuel injection (H2PFI)
  • Direct injection (H2DI)
  • Pre-chamber injection (H2ePCC)

HOERBIGER Engine Technology is committed to innovation leadership of emission-free hydrogen-based fuel injection technology.

Bernhard Zemann, Head of Business Unit HOERBIGER Engine Technology
We support you on the way to the green energy transition!

Benefits at a glance
More than 125 years of experience with gaseous fuels
  • H2 injectors specifically developed for your application
  • Customized solutions for your combustion engine
  • Decades of experience & many successful projects
  • Automotive cost & quality standards
  • Robust & sustainable supply chains
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HOERBIGER joins the Hydrogen Engine Alliance

At a time when the challenges of climate change and the need for a sustainable energy transition are becoming increasingly urgent, the Hydrogen Engine Alliance has established itself as a driving force for the mobility of the future. Founded in 2021, the alliance brings together leading companies from industry and research to promote the development and acceptance of H2 engines and the expansion of the necessary infrastructure.

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HOERBIGER achieves diesel power parity with H2 system 

The Engine Business Unit is specialized in the development and supply of injection and ignition components for gas engines in mobile and stationary applications. HOERBIGER is currently working with its partners to increase the efficiency of hydrogen ignition – with success!

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Hydrogen AdaptH2 Hoerbiger
KEYOU HOERBIGER partnership hydrogen
Hydrogen-Unimog equipped with H2PFI injectors from HOERBIGER 

The Minister of Economics from the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Daniela Schmitt, visited the development center in Wörth to test drive a Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG powered by a hydrogen internal combustion engine (ICE). This hydrogen ICE is provided by our partner KEYOU and is equipped with H2PFI injectors made by HOERBIGER. (image source: CVC)

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HOERBIGER and HD Hyundai Infracore cooperate on hydrogen-powered combustion engine 

This hydrogen-powered ICE can produce a power output of 300 kW (402 HP) and will see mass production in 2025. It will be installed on buses, trucks and construction equipment. (image source: HD Hyundai Infracore)

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hydrogen H2 Injektor Hoerbiger Deutz
KEYOU HOERBIGER partnership hydrogen
HOERBIGER injectors for H2 cogeneration plants

In 2020, the INNIO Group initiated the field testing of the world's first 1MW large scale engine for hydrogen operation equiped with H2PFI injectors made by HOERBIGER. (image source: INNIO Group)

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HOERBIGER delivers H2 injectors to Deutz

Dr. Markus Schwaderlapp, Senior Vice President of our partner Deutz AG, and Udo Schiefner, chairman of the transport committee and member of the SPD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, discussed the development of hydrogen engines equipped with H2 injectors made by HOERBIGER. (image source: DEUTZ AG)

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hydrogen H2 Injektor Hoerbiger Deutz
KEYOU HOERBIGER partnership hydrogen
Press release

Hydrogen experts KEYOU and HOERBIGER sign contract for joint development and marketing partnership.

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World's first H2 injector

More than two decades ago, BMW launched the first mass-produced passenger car on the market powered by a zero-emission hydrogen combustion engine and equipped with PFI injectors made by HOERBIGER.

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hydrogen H2 Injektor Hoerbiger

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