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HydroCOM with valve and compressor in the background

HydroCOM - Stepless Capacity Control System


HydroCOM is a stepless and fully automatic volume control system that efficiently match the output of your reciprocating compressor to your process demand.


HydroCOM actuators provide fast and precise control without loss of capacity, from (0…)10*…100%.  This wide range of stepless control ensures optimum process control. In addition, load changes are possible within only 3 crankshaft revolutions. Thanks to the interface to DCS or process control, HydroCOM enables fully automatic control.

* depends on application

Modular system design

Due to its modular design HydroCOM is easy to integrate into both existing and new compressor installations. Process control tasks are implemented in a DCS or a loop controller. In a control panel the HydroCOM “Compressor Interface Unit” (CIU) carries out data exchange between DCS and HydroCOM. Embedded temperature monitoring of suction valve covers allows insight into compressor conditions such as leaking valves.


HydroCOM Systemlayout

Benefits at a glance

Reduce energy and CO2 emission costs

Thanks to this reverse-flow principle HydroCOM compresses just the exact amount of gas needed for the process and saves energy. HydroCOM thus provides higher efficiency and lower emissions.

Reduce capital costs for efficient, multistage compressors

HydroCOM provides stepless control regardless of the number of compression chambers. For example, a three-stage compressor with on/off control and stages of 25, 50, 75 and 100% would require 6 cylinders. With HydroCOM, only 4 cylinders are required.

Increased reliability and cost efficiency

HydroCOM's soft-touch damper reduces stress on the valve sealing elements, ensuring a long service life of the suction valves.

Complete and easy integration into the control system and easy upgrade and integration for existing compressors

Due to its modular design, HydroCOM can be easily installed in both existing and new compressor systems. Control tasks are ideally implemented in the DCS/PLC. In the control cabinet, the Compressor Interface Unit (CIU) provides data exchange between the DCS and HydroCOM actuators.

Thanks to the integrated temperature monitoring of the suction valve cover, you are informed at all times about the condition of the compressor and the valves.

HydroCOM at a glance:
  • Large, stepless control range
  • Reliable, standardized components
  • Easy upgrade and integration with existing compressors


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