Experience Materials

Experience Materials

Worldwide proven quality for multiple applications

Experience Materials are formulated to perform in varoius applications. The Robustness and reliability of Experience Materials considerably enhance efficiency.
The worldwide available Experience Materials offer worldwide proven quality for a wide range of applications.

Experience Materials provide individually customized grades to ensure best mechanical properties for the targeted operating conditions.
Experience Materials present a state of the art material selection.
With Experience Materials a high degree of standardization is possible. Experience Materials increase the efficiency and performance capability of your compressor.
Experience Materials grant tried-and-tested and reliable performance even under high pressure and frictional temperature.
Our years of experience allows us to offer the best material selection available today!

Highest performance materials Computersimulationen und Modelle
Granulat von Highest performance materials
Employee checks packing and piston rod
Experience Materials at a glance
  • HOERBIGER components made from Experience Materials stand out thanks to their low wear rates, giving long lifetimes even under demanding conditions.
  • Experience Materials offer tried-and-tested reliable performance even at high pressures and temperatures.
  • The wide combination of specifically chosen polymers and fillers enhance highest wear properties to give longest life outperforming all but the highest grades.
  • Experience Materials are formulated to perform in varoius applications.
Technical data

Our years of experience allows us to offer the best material selection available today!

Scientists, application engineers and production specialists at our Polymer Research Center work together to solve our customers’

reciprocating compressor sealing problems for virtually all gas and operating conditions.

Application development and design on the computer
Product evaluation and testing on the test bench
On-site product support and customer care
Overview of the individual Experience Materials grades

HY29 is glass fiber filled PTFE material. Proven successful in compressor applications, it is the recommended grade for carbon monoxide applications, and is BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –prüfung) certified for use in oxygen gas applications. HY29 is a filled PTFE alloy with chemical inertness except for molten alkali metals and hydrogen fluoride gas, and is unique amongst traditional filled PTFE’s in its white color.

Suitable applications: Industrial gases, Chemicals


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