xetto® - 移动 - 提升 – 装载

xetto® – 携带方便的多功能系统。

移动装载便利无比 – 创新的系列产品,单人也能运输重物。贺尔碧格研发的移动运输和装载系统 xetto®,品质优越,填补了运输货物时,叉车、码垛车和人工装载的不足。

Product Highlights

  • Moving, lifting and loading heavy cargo without help
  • Significantly shortened loading and unloading as well as transport times
  • Back-friendly and safe working
  • Versatile and transportable
  • xetto® finds room in any light truck and its operation requires no driver’s license

Technical data

Maximum payload 250 kg
Lifting time approx. under 20 seconds
Weight approx. 95 kg
Load area 1175 mm x 800 mm
Sill height max. 800 mm
Power pack Li-ion battery, 14.4 V/6 Ah, hydraulics, electronics