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Compressor control system

Why stepless capacity control?

Reciprocating compressors are durable plant components that in most instances can outlast many process changes. Stepless capacity control allows operators to easily and flexibly adjust the compressor capacity to new operating points and significantly reduce energy consumption. Long maintenance intervals ensure outstanding availability.

Efficiency made simple

  • Fast and simple installation
  • Energy-efficient and reliable operation
  • Simple and cost-effective maintenance

HOERBIGER eHydroCOM – a stepless capacity control system for reciprocating compressors – is designed as a plug-and-play solution: the system is operated entirely electrically and requires no connection to an oil or cooling water circuit.

Extreme robustness and high-precision capacity control are now possible with eHydroCOM, and capacity changes can be controlled dynamically, in a stable process, and without disruption in a wide control range. As a rule, only the exact gas volume needed for the process is compressed, drastically lowering the compressor's energy consumption.

Automatic clearance and wear compensation make the eHydroCOM system extremely low-maintenance. The high level of standardization of system components additionally helps to efficiently manage spare parts and enables interchangeability with other eHydroCOM installations.

Low installation costs, high energy efficiency, and manageable maintenance expenses provide attractive payback periods for HOERBIGER customers – both with new installations and with retrofit solutions.

Technical Data

Control range 0/10*–100%
Max. suction/intermediate pressure: 160 bar
Gas group IIC T4, Zone 1
Protection class IP67
Possible suction valves Plates, rings, and profiled plates made of polymer material
EX certificates ATEX, IECEx

*dependent on application


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