AEC – Advanced Engine Controller

Retrofit solution for lower emissions

  • Sophisticated engine controller for retrofitting existing engines
  • Advanced control strategies
  • Optimized emission of harmful substances and fuel efficiency

When retrofitting large gas-operated engines, one of the priorities is compliance with increasingly stringent emissions limits and the related demand for powerful control systems.

Assisted by a control strategy developed by HOERBIGER, the Advanced Engine Controller (AEC) optimizes the operating behavior and engine emissions with highly dynamic load changes. The Advanced Engine Controller conforms to the existing engine control system using adaptive system identification, making it suitable for a wide variety of engines.

Technical data

Temperature Range -30 to +80 degrees Celsius (-22 to +176 degrees Fahrenheit)
Signals isolated I/O signals, two isolated 4-20 mA outputs, diagnostic function on all inputs and outputs
Communications Interfaces Two high-speed CAN communications channels - Two isolated RS485 communications channels - One RS232 communications channel