Precision engine control

  • Universal connection technology
  • CAN interface using standardized communication protocol
  • Touch screen control

The HOERBIGER DriveCOM system is a modular, scalable and integrated control system for internal combustion engines. It allows economical load capacity management in conjunction with efficient and reliable operation, both in stationary and in off-road and marine applications.

With a wide variety of standardized engine control and monitoring functions at its disposal, the DriveCOM system monitors all critical engine parameters.

The electronic DriveCOM modules allow custom combinations. The modular system takes both the OEM requirements and the end customers’ requests for maximum compatibility with existing applications into account. The open software architecture of the DriveCOM system allows customers to use their own control applications.

Technical data

Engine type 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines
Displacement Great than 1 liter per cylinder
Number of cylinders 1 to 24
Rotational speed max. 3,600 rpm
Combustion Gas and diesel