Reed Valves for Air and Natural Gas Compressors

Valve systems for compressors

in a wide variety of applications

  • Application-specific valve design for various gases
  • Optimized in terms of flow and clearance
  • High efficiency

Compressor manufacturers around the world and in various sectors of industry rely on HOERBIGER reed valves. HOERBIGER develops valves to match any compressor – for dry-running or high-speed units as well as high-pressure applications. Our customers value the optimal efficiency and the reliable operation of our reed valves, even under the toughest of conditions.

Medical technology or respiratory air, for example, necessitate maximum requirements in regard to air purity. Compressors in these applications are therefore generally operated without oil. This places particularly high demands on the reed valves. They must function wear-free over the entire service life of the compressor, despite the absence of lubrication.

Another example is starting air compressors for marine diesel engines. These engines require compressed air to start, making reliability a top priority.

Number of cylinders 1-5 cylinders
Compression stages 1-4 stages, the first and second stages with reed valves
Application Industrial air, respiratory air, medical air, starting air compressors, natural gas, technical gases
Compressor types Single- or multi-stage compressors
Pressure Up to 400 bar maximum pressure