2022-06-28 - Ariel and HOERBIGER Announce Partnership for Non-Lube Compressor Solutions for Hydrogen Mobility Markets

Ariel Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of separable reciprocating gas compressors and HOERBIGER, a global leader in reciprocating gas compressor components technology, announce their agreement to provide non-lube compressor solutions capable of fulfilling the hydrogen compression requirements of the future hydrogen mobility market such as public transportation, large fleet vehicles, private trucking companies, trains, boats/ships and other high volume, high pressure, vehicle-fueling applications.

Ariel and HOERBIGER have worked together over the past year; leveraging the combined research, development, design, material science, manufacturing, and assembly capabilities to provide compressor solutions required by many of the high volume/high pressure vehicle fueling projects in planning or realization stages around the world.

HOERBIGER will be enabled to provide packaged compressor solutions as a component to high volume/high pressure fueling facilities utilizing any source of hydrogen.