Explosion Relief Valves

Reliable protection

  • Reliable flameless pressure relief
  • No immediate shut-down of the system
  • Maintenance-free and operational for many years

HOERBIGER has been successful for more than 50 years with tailor-made relief valves used in compressor safety technology. They offer reliable protection to both people and equipment against the effects of oil mist and gas explosions.

The compact HOERBIGER EVN relief valves are ATEX-certified and meet the requirements of the API 618 standard. Because of the low-mass valve plates and low response pressure, they react within fractions of a second in the event of an explosion. Thanks to the integrated flame arrester, they ensure flameless pressure relief. Following an explosion, they immediately close again and are sealed, lowering the risk of secondary explosions.

HOERBIGER relief valves are designed to allow the user to continue operating the compressor immediately after an explosion. The valves are virtually maintenance-free and offer reliable explosion pressure relief for many years.

Technical data

Explosion Relief Valves imperial metric
Diameter (in / mm) 3.8 to 28.9 98 to 735
Geometric venting cross-section (sq in / cm2) 9.20 to 605.27 59.4 to 3905