2021-08-27 - HOERBIGER appoints Dr. Thorsten Kahlert as CEO

After six years of successful work for the HOERBIGER Group, Dr. Jürgen Zeschky, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, will retire at the end of 2021.

The Board of Directors has appointed Dr. Thorsten Kahlert as Jürgen Zeschky’s successor as CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board. Thorsten Kahlert joined HOERBIGER in April 2017 as Head of the Safety Division. Previously, he worked for 13 years for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in various positions and countries. In addition to Safety, Thorsten Kahlert was responsible for several other Divisions at HOERBIGER in the following years, including Rotary Solutions, Engine, Automotive Hydraulics, and Electronics. He has been a member of the HOERBIGER Executive Board since August 2019.