Compressor Monitoring


Monitoring and machine protection system developed in cooperation with users

  • Remote data capturing in the hazardous area (EX) zone
  • Alarm resolution of crank angle of 1 degree
  • Intelligent alarm counter

Malfunctions or failures of reciprocating compressors can quickly result in plant downtime and production shut-downs. HOERBIGER offers smart monitoring systems, which continuously monitor the condition and key components of reciprocating compressors.

Our RecipCOM monitoring system opens up new options to our customers to optimize machine protection and reciprocating compressor monitoring.

The modular RecipCOM monitoring system is IEC 61508/61511-certified and complies with API 670. It captures high-frequency, crank angle-related measurement values such as the indicator pressure, vibrations and position of the piston rod during every revolution and compares these in real time to defined alarm values. Critical situations are detected in a timely manner with an alarm resolution of a crank angle of 1 degree. Up to 16 alarm threshold values can be set for various operating states. An intelligent alarm counter avoids faulty alarms.

Using a small number of system interfaces, RecipCOM can also be integrated in existing plants with minimal installation effort. Depending on the security architecture, remote monitoring can be performed by the customer or by HOERBIGER specialists.

Technical data

Connectable sensors Pressure, temperature, vibration, position, flow, level
EX protection certifications ATEX, FM, CSA
Certified functional safety TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) Rhineland