2020-04-28 - Greater safety for our doctors and medical staff

Thomas Nuscheler, Auszubildender Werkzeugmechaniker bei HOERBIGER, unterstützt bei der Fertigung der Schutzwände für Arztpraxen

Thomas Nuscheler, a machine tool technician trainee at HOERBIGER, helps manufacture the partitions for doctors' offices.

HOERBIGER apprentices manufacture protective panels to donate to doctors' offices

Physicians and medical staff make an enormously important contribution to providing health care during the coronavirus crisis. HOERBIGER is supporting them by manufacturing partitions for doctors' offices, which ensure greater protection for the employees against infection in the day-to-day setting. In the Apprentice Workshop, trainees manufactured the first 50 partitions, which HOERBIGER is donating to 23 medical practices in the region.

The development team of HOERBIGER Drive Technology in Schongau designed two types of protective panels: a free-standing version, which is placed on the floor, and a variant that is attached to a counter or table. Qualified trainees in the Apprentice Workshop constructed ready-to-use partitions from individual frame elements and shatter-proof plastic panes.

These partitions will now be distributed to 23 facilities in the region. If needed, HOERBIGER employees will take the partitions to the offices and ensure that the protective panels are installed safely and correctly. Other medical facilities in urgent need of protective panels are encouraged to contact HOERBIGER by sending their request to staysafe@hoerbiger.com.

"HOERBIGER wants to help people who are exposed to increased risks during the coronavirus crisis. We sent out a call for ideas to our employees and, as a result, our protective panel project was born," recounts Dr. Ansgar Damm, Head of Research and Development at HOERBIGER Antriebstechnik Holding GmbH. "We make the panels available to the doctors' offices free of charge as a way to thank them for their important contribution to providing health care services."