Heat test

[from HOERBIGER@MOTION 12/2018]

New vehicle electronics enhance comfort and improve protection. Cameras, for example, can replace exterior rearview mirrors and help solve blind spot issues, the cause of a large number of accidents during turning – which often carry serious consequences. HOERBIGER Elektronik GmbH helps to ensure that drivers can rely on assistance systems.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who provides the most comprehensive view of them all? Electronic eyes eliminate the blind spot far better than conventional exterior rearview mirrors.

Securely positioned: a specifically designed polymer mount (gray) accommodates the camera’s optical system and circuit board. This allows the camera to be inserted into the carrier and linked quickly and easily for the heat test.

Developing a unique test system from scratch? “You rise to the challenge,” says HOERBIGER Test Bench Engineer and Project Manager Gerhard Marquardt.