ClassicLINE ECO Synchronizer


Optimized design as well as cost advantage

The benefits of the new design of the ClassicLINE ECO:

  • Cost advantages,
  • outstanding NVH behavior,
  • compact installation space,
  • easy integration.

Cost advantages

Use of ClassicLINE ECO allows manufacturers to achieve cost savings of as much as 20 percent. HOERBIGER creates this cost advantage based on decades of experience by combining innovative design, the optimized use of materials and lean processes with state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing technologies.

Outstanding NVH behavior

The special feature of ClassicLINE ECO is its two spring washers, which are coupled to the detents as well as the blocker rings. This positively affects the synchronizer's NVH behavior, as free vibrations and rattling are now a thing of the past. At the same time, drag losses are minimized.

Compact installation space

The new system helps to reduce the installation space. The detents coupled to the spring washers are flat, eliminating the need for deep recesses on the hub. The hub ridge can have a more compact design, both radially and axially. The hub is stronger and – similarly to the entire synchronizer – leaner.

Easy integration

ClassicLINE ECO is easy to integrate into existing transmissions, entirely in keeping with the Plug & Play motto. The interfaces to the selector fork, shaft and gear wheel have remained unchanged compared to traditional systems, as have the shift travel and the shifting forces.