Compressor Controllers


Stepless control using state-of-the-art mechatronics

  • Large stepless control range
  • Reliable, standardized components
  • Easy retrofitting and integration for existing compressors

A large number of applications of reciprocating compressors require efficient control of the feed volumes. Control systems made by HOERBIGER control the gas throughput using state-of-the-art mechatronics. As a result, they are leading worldwide in technology and economic efficiency: at approximately 800 installations, the continuous HydroCOM control system is an international success.

Only the required amount of gas is compressed. This reduces the energy costs of a 1,300-kW compressor (80 percent utilization / 6 euro cent per kWh) by approximately 125,000 euros annually. Moreover, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced with internal energy generation.

The HydroCOM actuators allow fast and precise control—if necessary, from ten to 100 percent within three revolutions—without loss of power. The large stepless control range assures optimal process control.

HydroCOM is based on standardized, reliable components. The system is easy to retrofit and can be fully integrated in the control system of the reciprocating compressor. For new equipment, a multi-stage compressor fitted with a HydroCOM control unit offers clear cost advantages and improved reliability over a compressor equipped with stepped control.

Technical data

HydroCOM imperial metric
Control Range (%) (0) 10* to 100 * depends on application
Maximum suction pressure (psi / bar) 2,230 160
Maximum rotational speed (rpm) 1200
EX certificates EU (ATEX),US (FM), Canada (CSA), Japan