2019-06-06 - New positioning of HOERBIGER Automotive Komfortsysteme GmbH in Schongau

The challenging market conditions in the automotive hydraulics sector are forcing HOERBIGER to streamline its Automotive Komfortsysteme GmbH in Schongau, Germany.

The crisis in the automotive industry back in 2008/2009 led to a sharp drop in sales at HOERBIGER’s automotive hydraulics business, which mainly consists of hydraulic drives for convertible rooftops. The market has not recovered from this downturn. In addition, more and more hydraulic roof drives are being replaced by electric solutions.

Because of this increasing market pressure, HOERBIGER has decided to adapt its organizational structure: HOERBIGER is relocating support for series production and application development to the plant in Bolesławiec, Poland, and is cutting jobs in Schongau.

Overall, 38 employees in Schongau are affected by this measure: 13 employees are offered a new role or the transition to partial retirement or retirement, 25 jobs will be cut in Schongau. HOERBIGER is currently talking with employee representatives to find a mutually agreeable and fair solution.

HOERBIGER will further invest in developing new products in order to reduce dependency on the hydraulics rooftop business. As Krzysztof Spiehs, Head of the Automotive Division says: "We want to seize the opportunities the market has to offer. We are focusing on hydraulic chassis levelling solutions and door actuator applications. With these projects we want to lead our division into a stable and promising future."