ePRAX MODULAR -the all rounder

EPRAX MODULAR the all rounder
  • EPRAX MODULAR the all rounder EPRAX MODULAR the all rounder

ePrAX MODULAR for precision & productivity with absolute operating reliability

  • Fast start up
  • Up to 70% energy savings
  • Dynamic
  • Low-noise
  • Less –oil

The ePrAX® modular is the most powerful servo hydraulic system for CNC press brakes. For highest precision each actuator is separately controlled by a servo motor. Power stroke and fast stroke as well as bending force are controlled by the variable-speed drive. The return stroke partly takes place using temporarily stored hydraulic energy.

The modular system with tried and tested units drastically reduces the effort for planning and installation. All necessary operating and safety functions are integrated in the system which allows a faster launch. Each adapted speed significantly decreases the operating noise of the press brake and increases energy efficiency. The modular system allows the use of customer cylinders. The scope of delivery is freely selectable.

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  • Modularity: variable speed technology for press brakes from 50 t to 250 t
  • Flexibility: different cylinder sizes and variable lifting speeds through standardized cylinder interface
  • Precision and Dynamics: directly mounted on cylinder - high system stiffness and control accuracy
  • Fast launch: less pipework; complete system
  • Cost savings: pre-finished and fully tested press control
  • Productivity: up to 1 s shorter cycle periods through quicker pressure build
  • Efficiency: low production costs and reduction of operating noise
  • Safety: complies with valid accident prevention regulations
  • Uniqueness: patented solution (No. DE102016118853B3)