Highest performance materials

Specifically developed for the toughest conditions in key areas of your compressor

  • Highest Performance Materials were developed for highly complex applications under the most challenging conditions.
  • HOERBIGER Highest Performance Materials meet the highest quality standard
  • Highest Performance Materials are suitable for all compressor types and applications

Anyone looking for maximum performance needs HOERBIGER Highest Performance Materials. Rings and packings made from HOERBIGER Highest Performance Materials are a crucial factor for maximum equipment uptime. This is why HOERBIGER is an innovation partner for innovative companies.

The Highest Performance Materials are formulated to perform in the highest range of operating conditions of all families of compressed gases in the most demanding environment.
Material selection is made by most experienced engineers to ensure perfect fit to application for longest lifetime and best performance.
Highest Performance Materials are offered acc. standard HOERBIGER sizes.
Piston Rings and Packings made from these materials come with proven HOERBIGER quality and therefore guarantee trouble free compressor operation in most difficult operating conditions.
Full process control from powder to finished part, insures consistent quality.
Highest Performance Materials have proven to outperform competitor grades in terms of wear rate and lifetime.

Technical Data

Field of Application all (cylinder & packing rings)
Lubrication Lube and non-lube
Compressor piston speeds lubricated: >5 m/s, non-lubricated: >3,5 m/s
Maximum operating pressures lubricated: >320 bar, non-lubricated: up to 250 bar
Maximum operating temperature 275°C


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