Performance Contracts

PX Plan

  • Access to technological excellence – also without new investment costs
  • Improved plant profitability
  • Risk is transferred to a competent partner
  • Investments are transformed into operating costs

When compressors under-perform, one option is to spend money on maintenance.

It's more economical to invest in results.

Reallocating expenses from investment to operational costs improves your company’s financial performance. Can you really do that with specialized machines like compressors? HOERBIGER Performance Contracts make it possible.

HOERBIGER Performance Contracts not only give you access to state-of-the-art technology, but also minimize downtime through increased availability and reliability. This increases your return on investment, while lowering the need for expensive debt financing.

Our contracts cover regular maintenance and technical improvements, ensuring state-of-the-art operation for your machine at all times.

You don’t invest in maintenance. You invest in results.

  • Downtime means lost production. Why pay for that?
  • HOERBIGER identifies your company’s needs. That gives us the reassurance that we are offering a performance partnership.

Maintenance is difficult for your company to plan. Not so for HOERBIGER.

  • HOERBIGER expertise makes it possible to plan your risk and make it affordable – reliably and efficiently.
  • Efficient maintenance improves key performance indicators.

Your capital – not your compressor fleet – is what delivers results.


The HOERBIGER Pioneer Class Challenge your horizon.

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