2018-06-27 - Product presentation at the VDI Transmission Congress

Innovative HOERBIGER shift elements
for more efficient hybrid and electric drives

Three product innovations to be showcased by HOERBIGER at the VDI Transmission Congress in Bonn, Germany, create new design freedom and enable greater efficiency for modern hybrid and electric drives. The SlimLINE synchronizer saves installation space and weight and opens up new design options with respect to lightweight construction, hybridization and shifting comfort. The innovative shift elements TorqueLINE Twin Cone and TorqueLINE Disconnect Clutch reduce drag losses, creating clear efficiency advantages for electrified drive systems.

SlimLINE synchronizer creates space for hybrid drives

The HOERBIGER SlimLINE synchronizer is up to 20 percent slimmer than traditional systems, yet offers the same great performance. Developers are able to use the saved space for other elements needed in hybrid drives. Ideally, the space gained will make it possible to integrate the additional electric motor required for hybridization of the drive system. At the same time, the compact transmissions weigh up to 20 percent less, which positively impacts fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The newly gained design freedom for hybrid drives thanks to HOERBIGER synchronizers also impressed the judges of two industrial competitions: In June, the SlimLINE was recognized as a winning product at the German Innovation Award in the Automotive Technologies category. Additionally, the judges of the Steel Innovation Award selected the HOERBIGER SlimLINE and DCT-Type synchronizers as one of the best products made of steel.

Innovative shift elements for electrified drive systems

HOERBIGER will also showcase newly developed shift elements that make electrified drive systems more efficient at the VDI Transmission Congress.

The TorqueLINE Twin Cone replaces traditional multi-disk clutches, reducing drag losses by as much as 90 percent. The system offers high power density and decreases actuating forces by up to 60 percent. Due to its modular design, the innovative shift element is suitable for covering a wide range of torque requirements. Thanks to the system's compact design, it is highly compatible with a conventional plate system. The TorqueLINE Twin Cone has the same dimensions, interfaces and lubrication characteristics as a conventional multi-disk clutch system.

The second newly developed shift element, the TorqueLINE Disconnect Clutch, optimizes drag losses by combining a traditional multi-disk clutch with an integrated cone clutch for decoupling. The system takes advantage of the positive properties of a multi-plate clutch, while reducing drag losses by as much as 95 percent. Additionally, the TorqueLINE Disconnect Clutch stands out with high durability, ease of control, and full powershift capability.