2018-06-20 - First round of FASTTRACK program ends:

start-ups present the results of their projects

In January, HOERBIGER Antriebstechnik GmbH, in conjunction with Hirschvogel Automotive Group and Max Aicher Group, launched an Accelerator Program - a support program for start-up companies.

In an effort to open our minds to new concepts, we sought out young companies engaged in innovations that are significant for our business. Together with our three favorite players, we in the Drive Technology Strategic Business Unit then worked on innovation projects for a total of three months. The teams explored an innovative camera system for quality assurance purposes, actuator systems for commercial vehicles, as well as new surface technologies for disks. The start-ups had an opportunity to test the application of their idea in a real-life environment and further develop their product. Thanks to the close and constructive working relationship, it did not take them long to achieve valuable results.

On June 18, the start-ups presented their projects during a demo day in Landsberg. While this concludes the first phase of the FASTTRACK program, the projects with the start-ups can be extended if an interest exists. A new round of the Accelerator Program will start in fall.


Out of a total of 364 start-ups in the preliminary phase, 19 start-ups made it to the Pitch Days held in January. Nine selected start-ups ended up working with Hirschvogel, HOERBIGER and Max Aicher on twelve projects.

The young firms benefit from our many years of experience, technical expertise, and corporate infrastructure, while for the Drive Technology Strategic Business Unit the new perspective of the start-ups in terms of future mobility is important. We want to gain innovative ideas, part with established mindsets, and learn about the creative ways and methods of these young firms. Working with start-ups is a great opportunity to develop innovative concepts and become acquainted with and develop new business segments.