BCD Rings

  • BCD Packing Ring BCD Packing Ring

Against leakage and premature wear

  • Extended service life
  • Very short length
  • Significantly reduced gas leakage

HOERBIGER BCD sealing rings are suited for applications in the natural gas and petrochemical industries, notably for handling industrial gases. The robust sealing elements can also be found in the food and packaging industries, for example in industrial air compressor for the production of PET bottles and in combined heat and power plants.

The patented segmented sealing ring for piston rods is designed for long, maintenance-free operation with minimal leakage. The segment concept is clearly superior to the properties of all existing industrial standards – such as those of the radial or tangential ring. The main segments seal the piston rod and form a gap for wear compensation. Cap segments ensure sealing in the axial and radial directions. This special design assures pressure equalization and guarantees high efficiency over the entire service life. Even during pressurized idle times, leakage rates as much as 70 percent lower than conventional solutions are achieved. The narrow design reduces friction and the related heat build-up. In addition, the gasket is shorter than conventional pressure packings.

The service life of the BCD sealing ring is approximately two to three times greater than that of existing solutions, which generally can be replaced with the BCD sealing ring without difficulty.

Technical Data

BCD Sealing Ring imperial metric
Piston Rod Diameter (in / mm) 0.78 to 7.87 20 to 200
Pressure (psi / bar) 43 to 4350 3 to 300