Amber Grid

The natural gas network in Lithuania is in a state of transition with a new LNG terminal and connections to networks in neighboring countries. To ensure that compression equipment stays up to date in regard to reliability and eco-friendliness, transmission system operator Amber Grid has been focusing on engine upgrades. HOERBIGER has contributed with its Engine Mapping concept to optimize the upgrades.

“Like HOERBIGER, our focus is on long-term solutions. The uniqueness of the solutions, the technology – and of course the expertise of the HOERBIGER team in Lithuania – are a relevant match for us,” comments Andrius Dagys (in the background), Technical Director at Amber Grid.

The gas pipeline system in Lithuania dates back to 1961. Pictured here are the RUMO 10GKN engines at the Panevezys gas compressor station, which until around seven years ago was the country’s only gas compressor station. Among the measures taken to upgrade the RUMO 10GKN engines was the addition of Electronic Pre-Chamber Check (ePCC) valves to improve control and consistency of PCC fueling.