TorqueLINE Disconnect Clutch

  • TorqueLINE Disconnect Clutch animation TorqueLINE Disconnect Clutch animation

Innovative combination of a multi-disc clutch with a cone clutch

  • High durability, easy to control
  • Full powershift capability
  • Reduced drag losses by as much as 95 percent

The TorqueLINE Disconnect Clutch, optimizes drag losses by combining a traditional multi-disc with a conical friction based disconnect system: the clutch disc carrier is connected and disconnected by an integrated presynchronization element.

The system takes advantage of the positive properties of a multi-plate clutch, while reducing drag losses by as much as 95 percent.

Additionally, the TorqueLINE Disconnect Clutch stands out with high durability, ease of control, and full powershift capability.