Accomplishing great things together

What is your HOERBIGER Adventure?

Ning Wang works at HOERBIGER Drive Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. In his role as program department manager, he oversees the entire product cycle – from the idea to product launch. He works with interdisciplinary teams and brings together all relevant stakeholders ranging from sales to production. He really enjoys the open, results-focused collaboration in the team. This positive form of teamwork helps recognize emerging problems at an early stage and solve them. “We all pull together in our team because we all want to achieve something big. Every individual in the team profits from this.”

In 2017, Ning Wang set off on a search for a new challenge in a dynamic, rapidly growing business. He was particularly interested in finding a company where he could set up and develop something. In HOERBIGER, he found an employer where he can apply his pioneering spirit and expertise. He is now able to grow further in personal and professional terms. At the same time, he is using his knowledge and commitment to help HOERBIGER become a little more successful.

His HOERBIGER adventure continues.

What is your adventure?

"We're all pulling in the same direction because we all want to create something big. Everyone in the team benefits from this."

Ning Wang
Program Department Manager
HOERBIGER Drive Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.