secure restraint mechanisms for amusement rides

BEC, the dynamic robotics specialist from Southern Germany develops robot applications used in amusement parks, which allow visitors to experience the dynamics and acceleration forces of an entire roller coaster ride in a comparatively small space. The rides require appropriately designed seats with secure restraint mechanisms featuring hydraulic systems. Since this was new territory for BEC, it was only natural that the company contacted a specialist who had furnished passenger restraint systems for attractions in amusement parks for decades. That specialist was HOERBIGER.

The inquiry was specifically prompted by a flexible seat concept that BEC developed for an exhibit at Asian Attractions Expo 2017 in Singapore. The goal was to retrofit the robot from two-seat to three- or even four-seat operation within a manageable time frame. After all, having only one person sit on the ride would quickly put a damper on profitability.

“In addition to the actual seat concept, safety – and the restraint system in particular – was a critical issue,” Martin Gerlich, Managing Director of BEC, recalls. Complying with the standards in effect in Asia, while saving weight on the seat concept and procuring everything, if possible, from an internationally certified specialist – all these things were only made possible by HOERBIGER.