Lochem, Niederlande

The trust-based partnership between HOERBIGER and the press brake manufacturer SafanDarley dates back over 40 years. Immediately apparent with the new hybrid press brake H-Brake Hybrid made by SafanDarley is the well-engineered design. Additionally, ergonomics, sustainability, energy efficiency, and operating costs also played an important role in the development of the machine’s concept.

The interplay between hydraulics and electronics is the hallmark of the new machine concept behind the ePrAX® max hybrid actuator. It is free of piping and contains a closed hydraulic system. The actuator is only activated when the foot pedal is operated; otherwise, the pump is deactivated. The resulting advantages are obvious: lower operating costs, a longer service life, and less maintenance than with conventional hydraulic systems.

For the EuroBLECH trade show two new machines were built: a 110 ton and a 170 ton hybrid system. These machines provided an opportunity to implement all improvement suggestions from the development phase. Additionally, the machine was given an entirely new design. For SafanDarley, design has always played an important role. The equipment should, of course, look good and be ergonomical. But it should also be possible to produce the design at acceptable costs, and the design must be functional.