SlimLINE Synchronizer

HOERBIGER SlimLINE Getriebe Synchronisierungen
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Valuable design freedom for hybrid drives

  • Reduced installation space
  • Decreased weight
  • Strong performance
  • Excellent shifting quality

The innovative design of the HOERBIGER SlimLINE synchronizer saves installation space and weight, yet offers the same great performance. It is easy to integrate into the transmission and suitable for dual-clutch transmissions, as well as for automated systems and manual transmissions.

Reduced installation space and decreased weight

The SlimLINE saves up to seven millimeters in length per synchronizer unit and is up to 20 percent slimmer than traditional systems.

By combining the SlimLINE with the ClassicLINE DCT-Type synchronizer, transmission manufacturers gain up to ten millimeters of space per synchronizer unit in dual-clutch transmissions.

Thanks to HOERBIGER synchronizers, dual-clutch transmissions can be built up to four centimeters shorter, giving developers new design options for combining lightweight construction, hybridization and shifting comfort. In hybrid vehicles, for example, the space gained can be used for an additional electric motor.

When it comes to its weight, the SlimLINE also lives up to its name since its design is up to 20 percent lighter than the ClassicLINE.

Higher torque

Instead of reducing the installation space, the SlimLINE can also be designed to transmit more torque with identical dimensions.