Thinking in terms of solutions

What is your HOERBIGER Adventure?

“Don’t think in problems. Think in solutions.”

Alexandra Strobel joined HOERBIGER in Schongau in September 2016 as part of a dual academic-training program in Germany. HOERBIGER is a partner of the program offered by the Kempten University of Applied Sciences. Before beginning her studies, Alexandra Strobel worked as an intern at the HOERBIGER Training Center in Peiting.

When she selected her training company, Alexandra Strobel was looking for an employer who offered an exciting and pleasant working atmosphere. She felt right at home at HOERBIGER right away. In the training center, she can talk with other trainees. She can also draw on the expertise of the trainers at any time as she strives to grow in professional and personal terms.

One of the really interesting projects on which Alexandra Strobel worked was a job for HOERBIGER's plant in Canada. As part of the transfer of disc production from Penzberg to Canada, an out-of-service mechanical drop gauge that is used for quality control had to be overhauled and shipped. Alexandra Strobel and her colleagues disassembled the machine, replaced parts and tested it. During the project, bids had to be solicited and material had to be collected before the machine could be reassembled. Alexandra Strobel succeeded in completing the project under a tight deadline of six weeks.

During semester breaks, Alexandra Strobel will continue to get to know other departments of the HOERBIGER Group and apply her new knowledge. Her adventure continues.

“Don’t think in problems. Think in solutions.”

Alexandra Strobel
HOERBIGER Deutschland Holding GmbH
Dual student