HOERBIGER worker with gas cylinder at Stadtwerke Duisburg AG

Cogeneration plant safety

Stadtwerke Duisburg AG


The cogeneration plants at Stadtwerke Duisburg AG produce heat and power for the city’s inhabitants and the region. When it came to protecting the fuel silos, the utility company opted in favor of an explosion suppression system made by IEP Technologies a company of the HOERBIGER Group – for the benefit of the residents and the environment.

HOERBIGER worker at switchbox Stadtwerke Duisburg AG

The system is inspected every 12 months as part of a maintenance agreement. The protective system installed by IEP can extinguish explosions as they are in the process of developing and reduce the risk of catastrophic damage from the outset. The suppression system that is used mitigates flames, pressure, and the fuel itself from being able to escape from the silo.

IEP Technologies Explosion Protection Specialists in the HOERBIGER Group

During the onset of an explosion, the dynamic pressure detector senses the rapid rise in pressure within milliseconds and initiates the explosion suppression system. Upon detection, the sensor is designed to prompt the suppressant storage cylinders to open and disperse extinguishant powder. The extinguishing agent penetrates the fireball and suppresses the explosion at an early stage.

Workers on the tank truck, IEP Technologies the explosion protection specialists in the HOERBIGER Group.

Explosion protection must also be ensured when the silos are being loaded. The silo truck fills the containers as many as eight times a day, each time moving some 25 tons of powder material. As soon as the truck is connected to the silo, material is pumped pneumatically through a pipe into the container.