CP Valves

Low-maintenance and energy-saving compressor operation

  • Use in oxygen and low-temperature applications
  • Optimized aerodynamics
  • Non-metallic valve plates

The HOERBIGER CP valve is the latest innovation among the HOERBIGER valves. Fields of application include the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industries, the medical field, the energy sector as well as the electronics industry. Whenever it comes to the compression of industrial gases, the CP valve is the right choice. Additional fields include liquefaction systems for LNG, ethylene, propylene or propane. The CP valve is marked by maximum efficiency and strength. When used to retrofit older compressors, the CP valve increases the economic efficiency of the system.

The aerodynamically profiled valve plate of the CP valve relies on carbon fiber-reinforced plastic materials from HOERBIGER’s research. It assures low maintenance costs and a long service life. Consequential damage from metallic fragments of valve plates are precluded. The valve’s innovative features additionally include specially developed springs for maximum dynamic safety and an integrated anti-rotation element. The latter guarantees reliable gripper actuation for opening and closing, even with frequent compressor load changes.

The economic efficiency of the system is increased by low losses of pressure and low use of primary energy. Energy savings of up to 9 percent over competitive products is possible.

Technical Data

CP Valve imperial metric
Valve Diameter (in / mm) 3.11 to 8.35 70 to 212
Valve Lift (in / mm) 0.04 to 0.1 1 to 2.5
Maximum Pressure (psi / bar) 725 50
Pressure Differential (psi / bar) <435 <30
Temperature Range (ºF / °C) -328 to +410 -200 to +210
Rotational Speed (rpm) 1800