Bringing ideas to life

What is your HOERBIGER Adventure?

“We bring ideas to life. We develop the products of tomorrow.”

When Peter Echtler joined HOERBIGER 25 years ago, he initially worked in technical advertising. He soon switched to the newly formed unit LSS “Lamellen für SynchroSysteme” (Disks for synchronized systems). There, a team of 25 produced, developed and sold friction rings in a former bus garage in Peiting, Germany.

Today Peter Echtler is head of advance development. That small team from the early days has now grown into a department with more than 1,000 employees worldwide. Advance development is the process of taking an idea, for instance, from a sketch and turning it into a new product that is intensively examined in terms of functionality, feasibility and subsequent production costs. In order to win customers, the advance development team then even puts the components into the vehicle. Customers can thereby directly experience the quality themselves.

Peter Echtler enjoys these moments. Seeing a product that has emerged from an idea represents a great achievement for him. Above all, his work calls for a pioneering spirit and courage. Because success will only come to someone with a pioneering spirit, who can think one step ahead and has the courage to make ideas a reality.

The world keeps turning. Peter Echtler is keeping his eyes open to take advantage of new opportunities. His adventure continues.

“We bring ideas to life. We develop the products of tomorrow.”

Peter Echtler
Head of Advanced Engineering
HOERBIGER Antriebstechnik Holding GmbH