Overcoming boundaries

What is your HOERBIGER Adventure?

"My biggest pleasure: teamwork works!"

Matt Donham joined HOERBIGER Altronic in 1994 as a Technician in Quality Control. Since then his world has completely changed. When HOERBIGER acquired Altronic in 2009, this opened up opportunities for him. In the international environment of HOERBIGER he was able to demonstrate his skillset and dedication to his job. Today, he is OEM Sales Manager for North America for the HOERBIGER Engine Division.

His position has him traveling about 50% of his time to visit customers, and when he is in his office, he is most likely on the phone talking to them again. Matt Donham practices our core values every day. Being close to his customers and colleagues is very important to him and is his biggest pleasure. When asked about a typical workday, he said that he plans his days the night before and by 8 am the next morning he has to completely rearrange himself on the fly. These frequent changes drive Matt Donham and inspire him to be even better. Another thing that he enjoys is that teamwork works! As difficult as some situations may seem, one thing always stays the same: we have one common goal.

This year, Matt Donham participated in the Harvard Business Leadership program of HOERBIGER. This program helped him grow and expand his knowledge, while also being a great opportunity to network with colleagues from a wide range of countries and responsibilities.

Now back in the USA, Matt Donham has returned to spending most of his time with his customers. His HOERBIGER Adventure continues.

"My biggest pleasure: teamwork works!"

Matt Donham
OEM Sales Manager - North America
HOERBIGER Engine Solutions Altronic, LLC