Tiverton Power

HOERBIGER – First Choice


Since its commissioning in 2000, the combined-cycle natural gas-fired plant at Tiverton Power has supplied homes and businesses in the US state of Rhode Island and the other five New England states with electricity. In 2012, its owner Emera Energy decided to draw up a major plant maintenance and upgrade plan. After intensive market research, the team from Emera Energy contacted HOERBIGER.

REE Audit highlights optimization potential

A HOERBIGER REE Audit was conducted in mid-November 2015 to check the plant's reliability, efficiency and environmental soundness. One important result was that the HOERBIGER HydroCOM system could improve the overall range of operations as well as reduce pulsation and vibration. By taking a wide view - as called for in REE Audit - the HOERBIGER team was able to address many other opportunities to upgrade the compressors.

Increased efficiency thanks to HydroCOM

The updated compressors have been operating since November 2016. The plant's efficiency has significantly increased with HOERBIGER HydroCOM. The compressors can be operated anywhere between 18 percent and 100 percent, so we can precisely control the gas pressure for the turbine and not waste horsepower. Previously, the compressors could only run at 50 percent, 75 percent or 100 percent.

Increased safety

Another big upgrade is that, for the first time, the compressors can be fully operated from the control room. Furthermore, the controls are now more secure, since HOERBIGER upgraded the controls communication to run on a fiber optic communication cable directly from the compressors to the control room – eliminating communication via the Internet. For Tiverton Power, the improved compressors have also added a new degree of operational stability and plant reliability.