TorqueLINE xWD Synchro

  • Compact: maximum synchronizer performance in the smallest space
  • Efficient: reduced weight and drag torque for lower fuel consumption
  • Cost-efficient: best-in-class cost structure thanks to metal forming technology

HOERBIGER has historically been a market leader when it comes to synchronizers used in manual and dual-clutch transmissions. HOERBIGER’s product excellence and systems expertise offer significant advantages for the customer.

Today, HOERBIGER supports additional applications where synchronizers can be used to connect and disconnect drive train components, such as transfer cases or electric axles. The HOERBIGER TorqueLINE xWD Synchro is a typical example of this approach: CompactLINE single-cone synchronizers are adapted to transfer case applications, with actuation from the inside, allowing customers to optimize their actuator as well as their entire system.