TorqueLINE Cone Clutch

  • Innovative design ideally combines frictional engagement and form lock
  • Significant reduction of drag torque loss
  • Easy to integrate into existing automatic transmissions

TorqueLINE Cone Clutch is a new product family of clutches and brakes for automatic transmissions that features a revolutionary design. It achieves torque transmission and engagement both frictionally and by way of form lock, combining a double cone friction clutch with a dog clutch.

This new design considerably boosts efficiency by replacing multi-disk clutches and brakes in automatic transmissions equipped with torque converters. The system decreases drag losses of traditional clutches when these are open, and is also able to lower the energy needed to activate these or keep them closed. The HOERBIGER TorqueLINE offers the potential to reduce CO2 emissions of cars by as much as 2.5 grams per kilometer per installed unit.