CE Valves

The efficient ring valve for heavy gases

  • High reliability
  • Special spring protection
  • High efficiency and long service life

The HOERBIGER CE valve is perfectly suited for applications in the chemical and process industries, in refineries, and in the energy sector. The valve performs reliably for high-molecular weight gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and propylene. The valve offers reliability and efficiency even under difficult conditions.

The valve is resistant to particles, catalyst fines and entrained polymers. The unique sealing element profile and wide ports offer minimum resistance to gas flow resulting in lower pressure drop. The valve performs reliably even where entrained liquids and debris are in the gas stream. Its resistance to foreign particle build-up precludes leaks and premature wear. The valve rings are manufactured from a light-weight, impact-resistant, carbon fiber-reinforced non-metallic material. The large closing springs are responsive and sit in spring pockets to protect them from wear. Special coatings can be applied for applications where gas impurities are high.

Technical Data

CE Valve imperial metric
Valve Diameters (in / mm) 1.9 to 12.3 48 to 314
Maximum Pressure (psi / bar) 2900 200
Differential Pressure (psi / bar) <1450 <100
Temperature Range (°F / °C) -4 to 410 -20 to 210
Rotational Speed (rpm) 1200