Neuss, Germany

Ever since its inception in 1910, flavor manufacturer Silesia has been family owned. Today, some 700 employees worldwide develop and produce flavors for the food and beverage industry. Silesia relies on explosion suppression solutions from IEP Technologies in the expansion of its manufacturing plant in Kalkar, Germany.

Flavorists at Silesia compose flavors from thousands of substances and semi-finished goods. In terms of the substances that are used, a distinction can be made between individual substances (flavoring agents), complex mixtures such as flavor extracts, smoke flavorings, and culinary products.

The new plant in Kalkar necessitated innovative explosion protection solutions, since a wide variety of technologies, such as spray drying, granulation, and extrusion, are used to produce flavors and potentially explosive dust/air mixtures cannot be entirely avoided.

The explosion suppression system at Silesia includes the detector system, the control unit, and the high-rate discharge (HRD) dry chemical extinguishers. The extinguishers are loaded with sodium bicarbonate-based powder suppressant and pressurized to 60 bar with nitrogen. Special-purpose valves make the entire cross-section available for the powder in a matter of milliseconds. A special nozzle system was installed to achieve optimal and uniform distribution of the extinguishant in the dryer to be protected.