Shaping the future

What is your HOERBIGER Adventure?

"I am shaping the future of HOERBIGER."

Dr. Anja Schlenz began working at HOERBIGER in Schongau, Germany, in 2015 as a project head in corporate business development. There are no routine jobs in her position because she is constantly searching new markets and products to help HOERBIGER reach its ambitious growth targets.

To succeed in her work, Dr. Anja Schlenz concentrates on synergies in the company's business units. She identified this potential in fuel cells. Working with an interdisciplinary team from Electronics, Compression Technology and Drive Technology, she conducted research to identify the application fields where HOERBIGER could position itself with innovative solutions for fuel-cell power units in the future.

With her feel for trends, she helps HOERBIGER actively shape its future. Her work also involves introducing new methods and tools into the relatively new department. With the help of her future-focused thinking, she is discovering new business fields and is expanding HOERBIGER’s product range in the process.

The pioneering spirit of Dr. Anja Schlenz enables her to discover new worlds over and over again, and clears the way for even more innovations. The next project already awaits her – her adventure continues.

"I am shaping the future of HOERBIGER."

Dr. Anja Schlenz
Manager Corporate Business Development
HOERBIGER Deutschland Holding GmbH