Adventure #8

What is your HOERBIGER Adventure?

"I am successfully working on something brand new."

As a member of an innovative predevelopment team, Martin Storz is responsible for generating ideas and then putting them into practice. He joined HOERBIGER Hydraulics in Schongau, Germany, in 2014 as a development head.

His most interesting job so far has been his work on the HOERBIGER xetto®, a mobile loading system. With this patented global innovation, HOERBIGER entered a completely new market and set standards in terms of compactness by using a particularly space-saving micro-hydraulic power unit. Martin Storz developed a number of innovative hydraulic solutions for the xetto®. The smallest valves act as the performance-driving components in this design.

One of the key requirements of his work is the ability to very quickly react to changing customer and market requirements and to find compelling technical solutions. Innovative thinking that extends all the way down to the smallest detail is absolutely necessary to successfully tackle the challenges the job throws his way.

With his technical expertise, Martin Storz helps a number of departments evaluate risks and develop detailed approaches to them.

Martin Storz is a real pioneer at HOERBIGER with his ideas and design activities. The next project has already arrived – his adventure continues.

"I am successfully working on something brand new.
What's your adventure?"

Martin Storz
Head of R&D Components
Smart Micro Fluidics
HOERBIGER Automotive Komfortsysteme GmbH