eVCP System

Electrical variable clearance pocket system for natural gas applications

  • Maximized capacity under fluctuating operating conditions
  • Automated stepless operation without manual actuation
  • No power consumption when no capacity variation is needed

Compressor station operators producing, processing and transporting natural gas have one golden rule: more throughput means more gas to sell. As a result, full utilization of the available production capacity plays an important role. With the HOERBIGER eVCP system, reciprocating compressors supply the maximum possible delivery volume under fluctuating pressure – in a simple and automated process.

Some form of clearance volume control is part of standard equipment for compressors in natural gas applications. Stepless capacity control of the clearance pocket allows the HOERBIGER eVCP system to vary the delivery volume, adapting it precisely at any time to the available torque of the drive. Compared to conventional stepped systems, this yields a higher production capacity, and consequently a greater amount of compressed gas for resale. Control is fully automatic, based on programmed operating limits or via interfaces to a distributed control system. No on-site staff is needed to manually vary the clearance volume – a particular advantage for remote compressor stations.

The design of the HOERBIGER eVCP system is simple and entirely electric. All components are standardized and require minimal maintenance effort at the site. In contrast to hydraulic solutions, a self-locking system requires no energy during standstill. In the event of a power failure, eVCP functions in the same manner as conventional clearance volume control, regulated by a hand wheel.

Technical data

eVCP -
Maximum spindle load: 400 kN / 90,000 lbf
Motor power 1.5 HP / 1.1 kW
Approvals FM Class I Division 1 Group D


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