XP valve featuring PowerPEEK™

The new standard for plate valves

  • Optimized carbon fiber orientation for maximum stability
  • PowerPEEK™ offers six times the service life of other high-performance polymers
  • Combines the reliability of plate valves with the efficiency of ring valves

Increased requirements in regard to the uptime of compressors, their energy efficiency, and more powerful cylinders are pushing conventional valves to their limits. The HOERBIGER XP valve featuring the PowerPEEK™ vave plate was specifically developed with these demanding operating conditions in mind. Typical fields of application include high-performance compressors in refinery or chemical processes, polyethylene production, technical gases, and natural gas storage.

Six times longer service life

A new manufacturing method allows carbon fiber-reinforced, high temperature-resistant polymer material (PEEK) to be processed in a net-shape injection molding operation. The result is a full-fledged PowerPEEK™ valve plate where all contours are created directly during molding. The carbon fibers are evenly distributed in the component, and its stability is not impaired by the subsequent removal of material. As a result, the service life of PowerPEEK™ valve plates is six times longer than that of other high-performance polymers. In addition, the valve plate and guard are profiled and feature a flow-optimized design, reducing valve losses by as much as 40 percent.

The outstanding efficiency of the XP valve offers the freedom for more space-saving designs of new cylinders, since fewer valves are needed at the same performance and the same flow rate. Existing machines also benefit: depending on operating conditions, one or more valves can be eliminated as part of a compressor upgrade. Fewer valves per cylinder help lower the costs associated with maintenance and replacement parts.

Technical data

XP Ventil from to
Maximum pressure 400 bar
Differential pressure 200 bar
Temperature range -50°C +220 °C
Rotational speed 1500 rpm