CS Valves

For high efficiency at low to medium pressure levels

  • High efficiency
  • Long service life, simple maintenance and installation
  • Wide flow ducts to prevent clogging

The CS valve is the classical nonmetallic plate valve suitable for use in compressors in the petrochemical and chemical industries for the reliable compression of natural gas, hydrogen or technical gases.

The CS valve is designed for low to medium pressure levels and reaches optimum efficiency at medium to large lifts. The sole moving part, the valve plate made from advanced non-metallics, is loaded by a varying number of identical closing springs.

Wide flow ducts reduce the risk of clogging. An integrated, profiled guard prevents liquid sticktion, increasing the service life of the valve.

Technical Data

CS Valve imperial metric
Valve Diameter (in / mm) 3.5 to 12.6 90 to 320
Maximum Pressure (psi / bar) 870 60
Temperature Range (ºF / °C) -40 to 410 -40 to 210
Rotational Speed(rpm) 800