Venturing beyond the beaten track

What is your HOERBIGER Adventure?

"I'm able to pioneer new ways and assume responsibility."

Carlos Martinez was one of the first employees of the HOERBIGER Research and Development Center in Stuttgart. This is where the HOERBIGER TriVAX™ valve actuator was developed. The Stuttgart development team was pioneering new ways in the process: the innovative HOERBIGER TriVAX™ concept blends the advantages of hydraulic, mechanical and electric technologies with the ease of installation and handling of electric valve actuators.

Leaving the well-traveled path and continuously developing is important to Carlos Martinez. He came to Germany from Spain to advance his technical development as an engineer. At HOERBIGER, he found optimal conditions. In a young, dynamic team, he was able to assume responsibility right from the start. HOERBIGER additionally offered him the possibility to acquire in-depth knowledge in several areas, ranging from hardware and software development to validation.

Carlos Martinez decisively contributed to the entire development process of the HOERBIGER TriVAX™ valve actuator, from the initial idea to the launch. The next development projects are already waiting for him – his adventure continues.

“I'm able to pioneer new ways and assume responsibility.”

Carlos Martinez
Development Engineer
HOERBIGER Flow Control GmbH