2016-03-23 - HOERBIGER at POWTECH

Truly comprehensive explosion protection

At POWTECH 2016, HOERBIGER will introduce itself for the first time as a leading provider of comprehensive industrial safety solutions. Saving lives through explosion protection and prevention is the role of the IEP Technologies and Newson Gale brands at HOERBIGER. IEP Technologies is the systems and service specialist for HOERBIGER’s entire range of explosion protection solutions in dust and gas applications. Newson Gale brings decades of experience in mitigating risks from electrostatic spark discharges. The two companies complement the flameless venting expertise that HOERBIGER has accumulated over the decades.

Safety is not only a megatrend, but a central topic for companies in the food, oil & gas and chemical industries. Demand for one-stop expertise in process and explosion prevention and protection solutions is rising steadily.

HOERBIGER offers a wide range of safety-related products and services. For decades, the Group has been an innovation and technology leader in explosion venting and for check valves for oil, gas, and dust applications in mechanical engineering and process plants. As a result of the expansion of the Safety Solutions Business Segment, HOERBIGER now offers its customers comprehensive explosion protection solutions.

Customized explosion protection systems from a single source

IEP Technologies has consolidated experience spanning more than 50 years in safety and explosion protection technology. Extensive research and development has established the company as a leader in this focused niche market. In particular, IEP Technologies is an expert in the computer-assisted calculation and simulation of explosion processes and the development of tailor-made solutions to detect and mitigate explosions in industrial process equipment.

Reliable protection from static electricity in hazardous areas

Newson Gale enjoys an outstanding market position in electrostatic grounding for hazardous areas. The company has over 30 years of experience in process safety, offering its customers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to eliminate ignition hazards from static electricity in areas prone to explosions – every process that handles flammable gases, liquids or dust. From loading tank trucks to filling small containers, Newson Gale has solutions for virtually every operation capable of generating static electricity.

HOERBIGER highlights at POWTECH:

  • HOERBIGER will demonstrate real explosions and how to control them on April 19 (11:00 am) and on April 21 (11:00 am) in live demonstrations in the open area of the Nuremberg Exhibition Center, and on April 20 (12:00pm) as part of IND EX e.V.

  • SCHÜTTGUT Forum in Hall 2, Booth 2-529, April 20, 10:30 am – "Explosion venting and its limitation in connection with explosion isolation", Matthias Göpfert, HOERBIGER

  • cav/cpp Technology Forum, in Hall 3, Booth 3-401, April 20, 3 pm – “Symbiosis or contradiction: fire and explosion protection as coherent science or as adversaries?”, Volker Krone, IEP Technologies

  • IND EX Convention in CCN Mitte, April 20, 9:40 am – “The Dynamics of Explosion Detection”, Dr. Rob Lade, IEP Technologies

  • Guided Tour, Vereinigte Fachverlage Mainz, April 20, 2:00 pm at the HOERBIGER booth, with Eva Linder, Editor-in-chief of VERFAHRENSTECHNIK