IEP Technologies

Marlborough (MA), USA

Faster than the fireball

[ Published in HOERBIGER@MOTION December 2015 ]

They must be faster than an explosion, extinguish a fireball even before it has a chance to fully show its destructive face. With this, they protect people's lives and their customers' machinery and plants. This is the vision of the employees of IEP Technologies, which is part of the HOERBIGER Group since September 1, 2015.

IEP Technologies operates internationally through its locations in Marlborough, Massachusetts, in the United States, Ratingen in Germany, Olten in Switzerland, Paris in France, Izmir in Turkey, and Cheltenham in the United Kingdom and is a leading provider of industrial explosion protection systems and services. An unrivaled service network supports customers and ensures that explosion protection equipment is always operational and effective.

Safety and explosion protection are attractive growth markets with large potential. Companies that generate dust in their production processes, work in dust-producing environment or transport dust can suffer damage from explosions in far more than a hundred instances over the span of just one year. Explosion mitigation systems made by IEP Technologies are designed to respond extremely rapidly. They ensure that sensitive operating situations do not result in damage.

As soon as a flammable dust-air mixture ignites, dynamic SmartDS detector systems activate an explosion suppression system in a fraction of a second. The effect of the explosion suppression system relies on the timely application of dry extinguishing agent in the portion of the manufacturing equipment requiring protection, which quenches the fireball triggered by an explosion as quickly as possible. At the same time, barriers are activated to prevent the explosion flame from propagating to other parts of the system.

In other words: the explosion protection systems developed by IEP Technologies are designed to be faster than the speed at which the explosion in the earliest stage propagates. Software and patented hardware, developed by IEP Technologies, position the company among the top explosion protection providers. IEP Technologies is a market leader in this highly specialized competitive environment – offering unique selling propositions.

IEP Technologies: Strong brand presence for HOERBIGER Safety Solutions

Following the acquisition by the HOERBIGER Group, Randy Davis, CEO of IEP Technologies, has assumed the task of applying the expertise and experience of his team under the IEP Technologies brand to establish a new Business Segment in the HOERBIGER Group: HOERBIGER Safety Solutions.

"Under the umbrella of the HOERBIGER Group, which over the course of decades has acquired an outstanding reputation as an innovation and technology leader in the oil, gas, and process industries as well as the mechanical and plant engineering field, we will have exceptional opportunities to advance our successful growth strategy long-term," said Randy Davis. "We are proud to be part of the HOERBIGER team as HOERBIGER Safety Solutions Company. Together, we will significantly enhance our position as a global market leader in industrial explosion protection."

HOERBIGER sees outstanding development potential in safety and explosion protection technology. The acquisition of IEP Technologies therefore marks a first milestone in the Group's growth strategy in the industrial application safety field. "The acquisition of IEP Technologies is an excellent investment for HOERBIGER to strategically strengthen our business model and expand our portfolio," commented Dr. Martin Komischke, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of HOERBIGER Holding AG.

"The innovative strength and knowledge of IEP Technologies will allow us to tap valuable synergies for our core business and core competencies. At the same time, we will strengthen HOERBIGER's leading role as a developer and global provider of performance-defining, and increasingly safety-defining, components and services."